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Healthcare Coverage Options

We have a wide variety of plans that can increase your financial protection and reduce premiums.


1. ACA/Obamacare (On-Exchange or Off-Exchange) 1

2. Nationwide PPO Network (Non-ACA Compliant Medical) 2


a. Defined Fixed Benefit

b. Healthcare Sharing Ministry

c. Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) Preventive Care

d. Short-Term Major Medical

e. Supplemental Accident, Critical Illness, Dental, Disability, Hospital, Vision

f. Short-Term or Long-Term Care


3. Medicare

a. Medicare Advantage (Part C)

b. Medicare Supplements

c. Part D Prescription Drug

4. Employer Group Major Medical (2+ EE)

5. Self-Funded Employer Group Re-Insurance Plans

6. Health Reimbursement Arrangement (IC-HRA or QSE-HRA) 3


Note 1: Advanced Premium Tax Credits may be available to reduce the costs of ACA plans. 


Note 2: Non-Compliant Medical policies generally do not cover pre-existing conditions for a minimum of 12-months. Some exceptions apply.

Note 3: Employer HRA's can reduce or eliminate eligibility for ACA Advanced Premium Tax Credits.

Please contact us for additional information or quotations.

Disclaimer: All information is subject to change without notice.

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